Health Plan

Mi Casa es su Casa is committed to promoting healthy and safe practices for all our children, families, and staff. To accomplish this goal, we have a health plan with important information including the procedures Mi Casa es su Casa will take to prevent communicable diseases. This health plan was put in place to keep a clear communication among families, staff, and the program. Our goal is to keep a healthy and safe environment for the wellness of all the children, families, and staff.

This health plan is important for a variety of reasons.  According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), early health screening could help detect early signs of developmental delays in children’s learning and development. When developmental delays are detected on time, early intervention services can give recommendations to support families and children to create a care plan to support the wellbeing of the child.

To monitor children’s wellness, Mi Casa es su Casa’s health policy requires parents to bring their child’s health record history upon enrollment. The health record must be completed from a licensed physician and must be updated annually for children ages 3 and above. For children under the age of 3, the health appraisal must be updated at each well child check.  Updated health records must be turned in after each visit, or sooner if any changes are made.

The following documents should be in the files of the   administration of Mi Casa es su Casa:

  • Health Appraisal
  • Date of last physical exam
  • Child-Well Visit Summary Sheet every time the child visits the health   care provider’s office.
  • MDHHS Child Information Record Card
  • MDHHS Child Care in Statement Receipt
  • Individualized care plan for child with special health care needs (medical, physical, developmental or behavioral)
  • List of current medications
  • Current certificate of immunization record/status” form. These records should be updated annually, and as new immunizations are administered.
  • Routine immunization at the appropriate age is the best means of preventing vaccine-preventable diseases for both the child who is immunized and other children to which they are exposed. However, if parents or guardian that chooses to exempt their child from immunization requirements for medical reason, they must provide a medical waiver form signed by a license physician that state that the child cannot be vaccinate for medical reasons.
  • Parents that chooses to exempt their child for philosophical and religious reasons, must bring a signed waiver from the health department verifying that the parent or guardian received information on the benefits and risks of immunizations.
  • All parents will be notified if a vaccine-preventable disease occurs within Mi Casa es su Casa. Children who are not immunized will be exclude from our program until it is safe for them to return.
  • Consent for emergency care. If a parent objects to emergency medical treatment on religious grounds, the parents shall provide a signed statement that he or she assumes responsibility for all emergency care.
  • Any assistive devices used (e.g., glasses, hearing aids, braces)
  • New hires must submit a medical statement form signed by a licensed physician that they are of sound mind /health before start date.
  • New hires must submit a current written evidence of freedom from communicable tuberculosis (TB), signed by a licensed physician.