Our goals for the children in our care:

  • Enjoy coming to Mi Casa es su Casa.
  • Learn positive social skills.
  • Identify emotions and learn to cope with them.
  • Learn self-control / self-discipline.
  • Successfully communicate needs and ideas.
  • Gain cultural experiences through art, music, food, and literature.
  • Apply knowledge gained through curriculum in everyday life.
  • Learn positive concept of self.
  • Follow developmental stages during appropriate timing.
  • Learn to have fun.

Our goal for the parents:

  • They feel comfortable and secure about sending their child to our daycare.
  • Good communication with staff.
  • Encourage engaging activities at home.
  • They are consistent in discipline and daily routines.

Our staff’s goals:

  • Learn each child’s unique way of communication.
  • Model desired behavior.
  • Maintain positive attitude.
  • Maintain a safe and health conscious classroom.
  • Promote problem solving.
  • Good communication with children and families.
  • Get creative with teaching.
  • Maintain professionalism.
  • Show conscious effort for each child’s development, especially in each stage.