We believe that a safe environment and adult interaction are two prerequisites for a child’s healthy growth and development. According to Piaget, a leader in the study of young children, children need interaction with people and their environment because they constantly learn from others. Then they make that learning their own, through playing. Also, we believe that a child’s learning process is present by stages. They reach each milestone just when they are ready, and their own inner timetable dictates when that will be. So we, like Piaget, believe that encouraging children rather than teaching them “how much” they know about their world is the best way to help stimulate their optimum learning processes during their early childhood. Understanding how children grow and learn is the basis to plan a developmentally appropriate setting that will foster physical and cognitive development. So we consider that it is very important that families and childcare providers establish and maintain a positive and reciprocal communication to accomplish our goal in the benefit of the child’s well-being.