All new employee shall submit a written application for employment and meet all of the following requirements before working with the children:

  • Include names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least three professional references.
  • HDS Central Registry clearance form
  • Conduct a criminal background clearance through ICHAT (Michigan State Police).
  • New hires must submit a medical statement from their doctor that they are of sound mind /health before start date and must submit to current TB test
  • New hires will be required to take CPR/First aid training for infant/toddler/adult and blood borne pathogen training.
  • New hires must complete SIDS and shaken baby syndrome training.

At hiring time, new staff will sign a form stating that staff member:

  • Does not have a conviction of child abuse, neglect or felony conviction of harm or threatened harm.
  • Understands that child abuse and neglect is against the law.
  • Has been informed of the daycare’s policies on child abuse and neglect. Is aware that teachers are mandated by law to report abuse and neglect.
  • New hires will be required to take at least 20 hours of additional training each year.  Professional development training shall include at least 5 hours focused on cultural competence and inclusive practices, related to serving children with special needs or disabilities, as well as teaching diverse children and supporting diverse children and their families.

All parents will be informed when a staff member is hired before their start date.